Noname sky sneakers


The side inserts are made of some kind of hard rubber, the heel and tag are made of deputy leather, the rest of the material is a rag. It will not work to tear it off, it is sewn both to the backing and to the main material of the sneakers. It looks doubly and gives out a china-basement from afar.
Convenience – 3 out of 5. I went to They were there all evening and there was no particular discomfort. Yes, the shoe takes the shape of the foot, but the foot walks from edge to edge (left and right). Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules So I think they will last a long time. In general, the overall tailoring looks at a decent level.
It was sewn on, but they forgot to place any naki or abibos. The insole itself consists of foam material with a thickness of about 4mm. After any of my similar shoes, it feels very unusual! They could have glued it on! And you definitely wouldn’t think that this is China. I believe.
What amused me was the presence of a label on the tongue of the sneaker. When passing curbs, stones and other irregularities, this does not cause discomfort. The outsole also began to wear out very quickly.
Fingers squeeze hard. In general, I would rate these sneakers as follows: A couple of protruding threads inside did their job. I wear both 41 and 42, foot length 26.5. The laces are quite long and when using a knotted sneaker, rather large lugs remain. What are they for?

The product was provided for writing a review by the store. With this parcel it turned out the same way, an ordinary bag with strings.
The upper hem around the perimeter consists of a rag material similar to an elastic band, as it takes the shape of the foot.
The inner material is dense and does not breathe at all.

We must say thank you that the insole is removable.
There is a support on the back, in which a label is embedded, so that you can put on shoes without a spoon. But the lack of fixation due to rigid support would improve the situation. Price segment — 3 out of 5. $ 19 is pretty good the price, and if you catch it at a discount and take it even cheaper … Tailoring – 4.5 out of 5. The fit is typically sporty. The nose is glued, no traces of glue were found. The Chinese never sent it to me in "factory" boxes. The lower part is glued at the base of the sole.

Noname sky sneakers

In less than a week, they burst from the inside. Still, the anatomy would add a little more comfort in the gait Therefore, if worn for a long time, the smell is likely to appear. The wife says that now such a style is in vogue. Softness of the gait — 4 out of 5.
There are 2 colors in total, camo like mine and with bluer shades. Make less noticeable red, apply the emblem and it will be all 5. It’s all because of the lack of a rigid frame. You can never have too many sneakers, but do we need such sneakers? Today on the review are noname sports shoes, which left mixed impressions. If they made the red strap less noticeable and put the emblem of any brand on the label, then you could find them in
any discount center. Definitely don’t wear sneakers! I opted for more casual wear. What I did not like was the completely flat sole, without a hint of anatomy. By the way, the sneakers arrived with a characteristic Chinese smell! When lacing, the formation of folds under them.
All the same, the lack of a frame and the constant mobility of the legs make themselves felt.
The size of the sneakers does not match the European sizes, so we choose based on the length of the foot. For this order, I had to choose size 44 and I did not lose.

Appearance – 4 out of 5.
There are no eyelets as such, instead of them there is an edging made of the same material. The side insert made of rubberized material is stitched only in places to the main
fabric, it is clearly visible on both sides of the mesh. Added at the end of the UPD, which served as the final conclusion.
First impression upon unboxing is the pretty coloring, fairly light weight, and lack of any form at the top. For people who have Decathlon, Adidas discounts will not be relevant, because I bought past collections for the same money. And the fabric does not breathe, so in summer they are hot. I think that making it so bright and long is clearly superfluous, and even without this strap it would look more harmonious. I have prices for sneakers in local stores
starting at twice the amount. I tried tightening the laces a lot, no deformation was found. At least there will be something to carry from the post office.
The sole is quite soft and elastic at the same time. Personally, I would stick with a trusted brand.

Out of habit already or for the sake of economy, but I receive shoes in all sorts of packages. In the free state, the sneaker does not have any form.
Final score — 3.7. I would replace them with rubber ones that fit into opposite holes.
One of the main complaints still remains in the form of a lack of a carcass that would give durability to the sneaker. There are notches on the top.